Devblog: Flying Bullets

First, let’s review the current system again. Currently all bullet calculations are made instantly when you shoot. The bullet is not flying, it’s not affected by physics, it’s just instantly created in a straight line, calculating the bounce angle or possible damage in the same moment it spawned. This system is obviously a bit too simple, so it will receive a rework.

The new system is a bit more complex, since bullets will receive full simulation on the game server. Instead of flying instantly into the target position, they will now ‘slowly’ move into the target direction. The speed depends on the used ammo. Really big rounds like the Sturmtiger rocket will fly slower, while regular projectiles will take about 0.5-1.0 seconds to reach their target at maximum distance. This system makes it easier to dodge enemy hits, by provoking a shot and instantly moving back behind cover for example. It also will be a lot easier for light tanks to dodge really big bullets like a Sturmtiger rocket or a SU-152 round.

And that’s not all yet, since the system will be improved in the future. For example by inheriting the tanks current velocity for a newly spawned bullet, to make proper aiming while driving even more important. It also would be interesting to add sound effects to bullets passing by near your tank, or decreasing bullet speed and penetration over distance.

We are excited about all the possible ways this could go. If you are as well, let us know on Discord or in the comment section below this article!

Please note that the shown changes are not final yet. They may still get reworked or completely abandoned at any time without further notice. The Devblog series is here to inform you about the latest development plans for the game.

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  • Cant tell ya how much i love this game and how its improving! :D