Tanks2.DE game servers shutting down for now

New registrations have been disabled temporarily, as the game server are currently down.

On November 7, 2022 the Tanks2.DE game servers will be taken offline, and won't come back online until the future of the game is more certain.

This decision wasn't easy, but most of you probably have seen it coming. The game still isn't in a good state, updates are rare and time passes by without any progress, and nobody is playing it (for good reason). Now a point is reached where the server costs (and especially the maintenance effort) can't be justified any longer.

Not all is lost yet however, as the website, the Steam store page and the Discord server will stay online for now. Your account won't be deleted and all your progress is saved.

The game still is (and always was) a hobby project, so things can still change in the future. A few things are still planned for the game, but the timeframe for them is uncertain. All I can assure you at the moment is that a lot of work went into new features in the past years, and that I will keep working on it.

So again: Tanks2.DE is not abandoned, Tanks2.DE won't be deleted. You just won't be able to play it for a while.

Additional statement in case the initial post wasn't clear enough:

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  • please make the update faster and launch the game I really like your project and really want to play this game. thanks for listening