Devblog: Clans

First, what is a clan? It’s pretty simple actually: a clan is a group of players that… well… plays together! And to support this social behaviour, we will introduce a clan system with a coming update to the game.

So how will it work then? That’s pretty simple as well: create a clan, invite other players, play together!

Clan creation

The clan creation costs silver. You will choose a name, a clan tag and a short text to describe your clan. The creator of the clan can then open the clan to other players. The player limit of a clan is 10 at creation, but this can be increased by buying clan upgrades with silver once your clan is experienced enough.


Clan experience

Every clan automatically gains ‘clan experience’ when its members are playing. This experience is gained additionally to the normal experience you earn. If you earn 2500 experience in a normal battle, your clan will automatically receive 2500 clan experience as well. This experience is used to unlock new purchasable clan features and rewards.



At this moment, unlockable clan upgrades will change with every season. A season usually lasts about 1 month. After the season ends, all clan experience is reset to 0 and new unlockable rewards are added. In the first season you will be able to unlock the russian T-34-100 tier III premium tank. After unlocking it, you still have to buy it with silver. It can be purchased once by every player in the clan.


While this might still look a bit basic, keep in mind that this is just the beginning! There are many more clan features possible, but for now, let’s see how this new system works out in the first season.

Also feel free to tell us what you think about it on Discord or in the comment section below this article. We are excited about your feedback!

Please note that the shown changes are not final yet. They may still get reworked or completely abandoned at any time without further notice. The Devblog series is here to inform you about the latest development plans for the game.