Update 0.1.0 - The Open Beta begins!

New registrations have been disabled temporarily, as the game server are currently down.

Update 0.1.0 is here, being the first stable non-prototype version of Tanks2.DE.

The Update includes a more modern UI design, new tanks, tank destroyers, shock waves, destructible map objects and much more!

We also prepared a small special: use the code "T2DOBT" in the shop window to recieve 500 gold for free. (Shop -> Buy Gold -> Redeem Voucher tab)

List of changes:


  • The whole UI has been rebuilt from scratch, giving it a more modern look and feeling (login, hangar and ingame UI)
  • Tanks recieved accuracy and aim time, making it harder to shoot while moving and forcing you to aim properly
  • Aim range has been reduced to 95% of its max viewing range
  • Some map objects are now destructible, each one having its own hitpoints
  • Prototype autoloader mechanic added, available only for the Wirbelwind at this point
  • Mechanic for tank destroyers has been added (limiting gun to a specific angle)
  • The ingame shop may now contain special offers from time to time
  • Website integration: the game client is now integrated into the website and supports auto-login
  • Added all chat in battle (press Shift + Enter or use type /all <message> to use it)
  • Hidden FPS counter by default (Press F4 or F3 to show/hide it)
  • Replaced tank engine sound with a new one
  • Forced the client-server communication to use secure websockets
  • WebGL 1.0 support dropped, only WebGL 2.0 is available from now on

New Tanks:

  • Sturmtiger (Tank Destroyer, German, Tier V, Event Vehicle)
  • Wirbelwind (Anti Air, German, Tier II, Event Vehicle)
  • T-44-122 (Medium Tank, Russian, Tier IV, Premium Vehicle)
  • Hetzer (Tank Destroyer, German, Tier I, Regular Vehicle)


  • Almost all tanks recieved a general balance rework, making them fit into the new accuracy system
  • Commander level now affects the tank- and turret speed
  • Capture progress now resets when nobody is inside the cap circle anymore

Bug fixes: (only some are listed)

  • Tank engine sound bugs are pretty much gone now
  • Many wrong text messages have been corrected
  • Wrong scaling of login background has been fixed
  • You may no longer perform any changes while in battle queue
  • And much more...

As you can see, many core mechanics have been changed or added with this update, and there is a lot more planned.

Besides new tanks and new nations, there are also plans for new maps, better bullet mechanics, new game modes and more tank tiers. Of course such changes require some time and careful consideration before being added to the game. But there are so many more possibilities, the open beta is just the beginning!

Stay tuned for more! Keep an eye on the news or join us on Discord!