Linking your Steam Account

New registrations have been disabled temporarily, as the game server are currently down.

First, it’s important to mention that you always need an account on the official Tanks2.DE website to play the game. However, to simplify the game access for Steam players, we introduced a second type of account in our system that does not require a password or an e-mail address. This type of account will be created automatically when using the “Steam Login” button in the game client. You only will be asked to enter a username, and your account will be created. No e-mail, no password, just Steam.

While this sounds good in theory, keep in mind that this account type always requires Steam, and that it will create a new account without any progress on it. This is where account linking comes in.

Instead of creating a new “Steam-Only” account in the Steam version of the game, you can simply link your existing game account with your Steam account by logging in with your existing account credentials in the Steam version of the game. The system will do everything else for you in the background, you just have to login with your existing account. Once you have done that at least once, your account should be linked and you will be able to use the “Steam Login” button in the login screen as well. Instead of asking you for an account name, it will instantly log you in without the need to enter your e-mail or password.

So, let’s simplify this again.

You play the Steam version and you don’t have a website account yet:

Use the “Steam Login” button in the login screen to create an account without the need for an e-mail address or a password. To login in the future, always use the “Steam Login” button in the main menu.

You want to play the Steam version and have a website account already:

Login normally using your website account for the first time. Our system will automatically link your Steam account with your website account after a successful login.

To login in the future, you can use the “Steam Login” button (since your account is linked now) or login manually using your e-mail address and your password.

You want to play both, the Steam version and the browser version:

Please create a website account in this case. You won’t be able to play the browser version of the game without a standalone account created through the website for now.

If you created your account through Steam and want to convert it into a standalone account, please create a support ticket. You currently can't do that on your own, but we may add an option to do this yourself at some point.

Please ask us on Discord or create a support ticket if you have any questions or if there is anything still unclear. We’ll try our best to help you!