Update 0.1.5 Changelog

New tanks:

- M4A1 (Tier I, USA)

- M4A3E8 (Tier II, USA)

- M4(105) (Tier II, USA, Premium)

- M26 "Pershing" (Tier III, USA)

- M46 (Tier IV, USA)

- M48 (Tier V, USA)

General changes:

- Ingame admin messages are now also visible on Discord

- GM/Moderator name tags removed from battle chat

- Player reporting function added

- Wirbelwind taken out of rotation for AI tanks

- More strict tier selection for AI tanks to improve team balance

- Server and Client optimizations (Server is fully multithreaded now)

- Server tickrate changed from 10hz to 50hz

UI adjustments:

- New player report window added in battle results screen (click the red (!) icon next to a players name)

- New hangar UI elements (Ammo, Tank info, Crew)

- New user profile window

- Loading screen added for battle

- Battle UI adjustments for the new game modeThe preliminary stat-card looks like this: (click on the spoilers to see the image)

- Added continue button to results screen

- Added gold shop for the Steam version

- Applying changes in the ammo window will now close it automatically

- You may now use the sliders in the crew level window to adjust the desired levels

- The penetration of the default ammo type is now visible on the tank info screen

Balance Changes:

- IS-2 frontal armor decreased to 170mm (from 175mm)

- IS-2 base turn speed decreased by 4%

- KV-1 base turn speed decreased by 4%

- T-44-122 frontal armor increased to 150mm (from 140mm)

- Maus base reload reduced to 12.5s (from 15s)

- IS-7 base reload reduced to 13.5s (from 14s)

- Wirbelwind base reload increased to 10s (from 8s)

- Wirbelwind autoloader reload increased to 0.1s (from 0.75s)

- T-62 base reload reduced to 7.5s (from 8.5s)

- SU-152 base turn speed increased by 7.5%

- SU-152 base move speed increased by 7.5%

- Obj 268 base turn speed increased by 5%

- Obj 268 base move speed increased by 4%

- 38cm Rocket (Sturmtiger) penetration decreased to 150mm (from 400mm)

- 38cm Rocket (Sturmtiger) area damage increased to 7500 (from 5500)

- 38cm Rocket (Sturmtiger) angle tolerance decreased to 10 degree (from 35 degree)

- General shock wave size increased by about 15%

Developer comment:

"The Sturmtiger rockets had a 100% one-hit-kill chance on a direct hit before. Instead, they act much more like regular HE shells now and deal an insane amount of supportive area damage."

Please note that not all changes are covered here. We may forgot to mention some really small changes.